Bungalow Borgo dei Colli

A first-class holiday in a heaven of comfort, eco-sustainability, well-being and luxury. 5-star relaxation.
Borgo dei Colli combines levels of excellence with hospitality and environmental sustainability.
We offer accommodations designed with your needs in mind and respecting nature: they are fitted with photovoltaic panels and green insulation solutions, allowing a holiday perfectly in harmony with nature.

Bungalow Country House

Open the window and get a full view of Lake Garda, embraced by the mountains and hills, coloured by the light of the early morning sun or the warmth of the moon: a picture that you will remember for many years.
The Country House, in the panoramic viewpoint of Piani di Clodia, is the spectacular terrace of Lake Garda, where you can rediscover what well-being really means.

Bungalow Virgilio

Nature, its wealth and beauty: Lake Garda and the surrounding area are renowned all over the world for their colours, special features and flavours. A glass of wine at sunset and a walk among the greenery with your faithful 4-legged friend: this and much more is reserved for you when you stay in the Virgilio bungalows, where greenery and nature embrace you.

Bungalow Catullo

Love, passion, happiness and desire are emotions that Catullus, a Roman poet from the Lombardy shore of Lake Garda, praised in his poems dedicated to Clodia, his inspirational muse, who he dreamed of on the other side of the lake shore.

Catullo village makes you feel loved, pampered, happy and free!