Social Responsibility Culture, territory and social commitment

Piani di Clodia strongly believes in the beauty of the culture of our territory, for this reason we joined the “67 columns for the Arena” project, conceived to concretely help the Arena Foundation at a time when theatrical and musical performances need a great support to restart. 


At the same time, Piani di Clodia became a sponsor of the social enterprise “I Bambini delle Fate” which ensures economic support for social inclusion projects and paths managed by local partners for the benefit of families with autism and other disabilities. 

A real commitment

In favor of culture and solidarity

“67 columns for the Arena” is a project that was created to protect and safeguard opera and all forms of art of which the Verona Arena is the cradle.

Through the “Fare Impresa nel Socialecampaign, Piani di Clodia is linked to the “Da Zero a Cento, percorsi di vita” project of the Veronese Onlus “Continuando a Crescere”.