Water parks

What kind of holiday would it be without pools and diving?
Rediscover your idea of fun here, at Piani di Clodia: it would be simplistic to call it a Holiday Park. Do you know why?
Playing, being surprised, relaxing and cooling down have totally different appeal when you are immersed in the water of the two Water Parks, Virgilio and Catullo which will let you leave stress behind with every stroke.
7 pools, 6 “adrenaline-rush” slides, 12 “baby” water slides for small children, 4 whirlpool areas, 2 rivers, 2 Magic Cauldrons, and many other surprises for 5-star fun from morning to evening.
A heaven of peace in the whirlpool areas and sun terrace.
And much more: a special area dedicated to swimming, for unrestricted strokes and movement. Splash!

All the 7 pools will be open during the high season (10.07.2021 - 28.08.2021). During the other period, the opening of 2 pools are guaranteed.