Self Love

Piani di Clodia gives you the opportunity to enjoy services and structures designed specifically for your wellbeing. This thread will lead you through our Holiday Park towards wellness for your body and mind. Ready?

Private bathrooms and sanitary facilities

Piani di Clodia’s private bathrooms are located near the pitches in areas A, C, D, and E so as to be easily accessed by everyone. Private bathrooms are modern, spacious and equipped for all your needs. Your family can have exclusive access upon reservation.

The facilities at Piani di Clodia enhance the comfort and safety of your holiday and are always available!

Piani di Clodia’s dedicated sanitary facilities are modern and built with environmentally sustainable materials. Cleaning methods and equipment have been chosen with the health of guests and the environment in mind. Our staff is committed to using products that have a low environmental impact and are safe for your health.


The facilities in our holiday park are heated and equipped for every need.  There are baby rooms and nurseries for guests, private bathrooms, dishwashers and washing machines with coin-operated dryers. Our facilities are also accessible to guests with mobility issues or disabilities, so that anyone can use our services.

Self-care on holiday is even more enjoyable. Piani di Clodia offers a number of services designed to make you feel your best at all times. Hairdressers and beauty therapists are available, and there is a clothing boutique at our Holiday Park if your wardrobe needs an upgrade. And how better to remember your holiday than with the shots of a professional photographer?